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Here is a pivotal doodle from my project notebook dated 15th March 2018. One of the most important decisions we made about the project, and its use of technology, boils down to this one very eloquent(!) line:

 “Needs to incorporate technology to log what they are doing… (we) can’t see over their shoulder”.


I am learning from my mistakes. In previous research with great apes and dolphins, it has been very difficult for the researcher (me) to observe what the animal is “doing” when they interact with a cognitive puzzle, when most of the puzzle is obstructed by the animal’s body.

This is why we decided to HIDE most of our technology inside the gorilla cognitive puzzle, rather than have it gorilla-facing (except some nifty cameras facing outwards…). We are going to use the technology to remotely log “what they are doing” rather than try to be mind-readers or superheros with x-ray vision.

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