Our project is based around the concept of game modules, individual puzzle boxes that fit together to create a larger puzzle. The aim is that even with a few different boxes a wide variety of puzzles can be created. More boxes can be created over time and added to bring new challenges. If you have an idea for a module then please get in touch!

We are currently developing a system that monitors how the modules are being used. Information about how popular the modules are will then be displayed on a dashboard on this site, allowing us, the keepers and you to enter into the design and suggest new modules with the aim of keeping the games fresh and fun for the gorillas.

We have run several design workshops with members of the public (and our peers, at scientific meetings!) to design new modules.

Game Modules

‘Downfall’ Module

Spin the disc to move the object from the top to the bottom of the module.





Game Modules

Foamboard Prototypes

We used foam-core modelling board to mock up some initial prototypes. This allows for rapid development and ‘hands on’ thinking.




Game Modules

Straw + Sticks

Pull out the straw to let the object through.
Pull out the sticks to let the object past (inspired by the game Kerplunk)


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