The involvement of Nathan and Mark, two Bachelor’s students from the University of the West of England, marks an exciting phase for Gorilla Game Lab’s research endeavors. Working in tandem with our team, Nathan and Mark are delving into distinct facets of our device’s impact on gorilla behavior and cognition.

Nathan’s focus revolves around a meticulous examination of gorilla hand usage during device interaction. By zooming in on this specific aspect, Nathan aims to unravel intricate patterns and nuances that shed light on how gorillas engage with our gaming platform at a micro level. His research promises to provide invaluable insights into the mechanics of gorilla interaction with novel stimuli.

On the other hand, Mark adopts a broader perspective, studying the collective behavior of the entire gorilla troop on days when the device is both present and absent. By comparing and contrasting behavioral patterns across different contexts, Mark seeks to elucidate the overall impact of our gaming technology on group dynamics and social interactions among gorillas. His holistic approach promises to offer a comprehensive understanding of the device’s influence on the gorilla community as a whole.

New Student Projects

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Lucy Mason at Bristol Zoo for her invaluable assistance with coding video footage, a task critical for the analysis of gorilla behavior. Additionally, we extend our appreciation to volunteer Kevin Murphy for his dedicated support in capturing essential filming footage, enabling us to document and analyze gorilla interactions with our device effectively.

The collaboration between our team, Nathan, Mark, Lucy, and Kevin exemplifies the spirit of interdisciplinary cooperation and dedication to advancing knowledge in the field of animal welfare and enrichment. Together, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of research and innovation, striving to create a better understanding of the complex relationship between technology and animal behavior.

As Nathan and Mark continue their research journey with Gorilla Game Lab, we eagerly anticipate the insights and discoveries that will emerge from their efforts. Their contributions not only enrich our understanding of gorilla cognition and behavior but also pave the way for more effective and tailored approaches to environmental enrichment in zoological settings.

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